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10/23/18, 03 // xtian teachings, abuse, personal




I am a Big Beautiful…girl. And I have recently found myself in a new place. A place where I love my body. No, really

I still have bad days, or moments here and there, of course. 
But The Boy, he makes me see that I’m sexy. 

I’m sitting in just a bra and panties right now as he sits next to me. Each time I get up to do something or get a drink, he tells me “You look really good.” He asks, “Can I just fuck you?” And more. 

Always more. 

Even when I have my bad moments, they’re never as bad as they used to be. 

You see, he’s not with me in spite of my body, my size and shape. A part of him is with me because of it. 

I have big boobs. I have a big ass. 
He loves them. I love them. 

He says that stuff to me because he can’t not. He looks at me that way, because he can’t not. His hands are on me this way because he has to touch what he sees. 

And when we have sex, I no longer worry about my body and the way I move. I no longer worry about certain positions and how I may look. I’m free.

He appreciates all the larger, curvy, round parts of me in a way I never did before.

The way he looks at me. The way he touches those parts of me.
He adores. And I adore myself all the more. <3






this is probably the only sex gif i will every reblog, because for some reason i feel like it’s more than just sex. i don’t know if it’s how they’re actually looking at one another or the way they can’t get close enough. he’s actually looking at her like a person and not just a sex object.       but then again, it could be all in my head. i mean, this is how i would want it to be. but that’s just me

…. you do realize this is a gif of a man riding a cracker through the mountains right?

do u even know what sex is