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06/22/19, 12.24a // certain points of pride, somewhat


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i did my shot & fainted again but im ok





i just called tri-city health and got through to someone & talked to them and after two misfires bc i got their email wrong over the phone i think i got it right the third time & they’re sending me info via email and my insurance is a-ok and this thing is really going to happen, im not even going to put “maybe” or “might happen” holy cow.

i called Tiffany back bc i thought i’d done sth wrong in terms of emailing her (bc the first two times i did it it gave me an error) but on the third try i guessed correctly & i know this bc she told me she got my email along w another girl’s email (so maybe we’ll see each other? c: ) im just v anxious and nervous and i thought i’d done sth wrong but i havent. u__u