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10/10/19, 12.42a // very quick update

+ it seems that the coraline theme has been rebooted, so to speak, so my blog feels like it used to again (i’ve used the same theme/layout since 2012).

+ as summer ends i find myself thinking about writing more. something about october onwards feels “safe.” idk. 2 be determined~

Ben Wyatt from Parks & Rec saying 'do you think a depressed person could make this?' holding out a figure he made for his claymation film


so i seriously messed up yesterday. i changed my blog theme bc it was outdated but didn’t think to save all my widget information & i lost most of it bc of the change. that’s information & code i’ve had since 2012 & now it’s gone. one bit was too personal to be able to replicate very easily. maybe one day when i understand coding better. in my defense i’ve never changed my theme when i’ve had so many different widgets but.. i suppose i’ll know not to do it next time //-:

07/10-11/19, 9.58p/12.06a

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07/08/19, 12.04a //ᐃ☹

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