the disingenuousity of the hairy putter author

the disingenuousity* of j/k rowz is pretty sad. she claims to want to protect cis** women (& “”natal”” girls) from threats fabricated from hatred (see: transmisogyny). donot worry, she also denies the existence of trans men, too.

(*yyyyes i know it’s not a real &/or widely recognized word)

(**anti-trans ppl HATE this prefix but it’s not a bad word or slur. it’s truly just the opposite of ‘trans’)

the categories she’s looking for, typically used in a strictly cold clammy medical sense, would be ‘amab’ & ‘afab’ (assigned male/female at birth) which are primarily used to help persons in charge of our (trans ppl’s) healthcare to understand what kind of system (of the human flesh variety) they’re working with. they have to know this information! obviously.

when it comes to this level of privacy, between a trans person & their doctor(s), j rowzy doesn’t need to know this specific information. she’s not a medical professional. well…. using the pseudonym ‘Roger Galbraith’ is pretty suspicious by itself. 🚩 “Roger Galbraith Heath” the dead psychiatrist who believed mental illness could be physically beat out of a person. oh yeah, the guy who made gay conversion therapy a thing. i wonder if the anti-trans lesbians & gays who support her know that. or even care. but anyways,

in rowzo’s latest tweet the ability to write a reply/leave a comment has been disabled. that’s the first time i’ve ever seen that on twitter. 🚩

from that tweet/link she says that the term ‘TERF’ (trans exclusionary radical feminists*) was created by Trans Activists but i know that’s wrong & that TERFs came up with it. they were happy about it until TERF became synonymous with transphobe & /then/ they claimed it wasn’t theirs, lol. oh dear.

(*or ‘trans exclusionary reactionary fascists’..? sometimes)

in my opinion the claims of the anti-trans ppl are on the same level as

— claiming the earth is flat

— insisting that “””immigrants are coming to america to take our jobz & r*pe”””

— believing that “”ssi &/or disability is gONNA CREATE A Welfare State!!!!!!!!””

unfounded fearmongering? :-0

anti-trans persons also believe that young children are being,,,, what they call……. “”transed””. (which is also an unfounded fear often driven by anger &/or hatred). this belief would mean that on average parents would tend to force their young kids to transition. they believe that young kids are being forced to have surgery & take hormones. young kids are just offered the chance to socially transition &, at the personally appropriate time, they have the choice to take puberty blockers. anything else is a projection.

wow.. imagine if my parents FORCED me to transition. i remember them being terrified about what being transgender means when it comes to the rest of the world. i can imagine it still is on their minds. truly it’s a very disingenuous fearmongering by TERFs that makes me pretty upset. upset for the kids but also the parents & family. the kids don’t deserve that. parents deserve better than that, too. i wish i could teach them how to love their (trans/non-binary) kids.

sometimes parents decide to diagnose their kid with a nonexistent disorder they call ‘ROGD’ or ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’. this is something that parents typically decide about their kids. something else created out of fear &/or anger in order to continue to not address their kid’s needs.

i can see it can be borne from them, personally. from their fear for their children & for other children’s safety, when it comes to very confused & stressed parents trying to understand a world (being trans) that they see their kids exploring, especially online,…. it’s a pretty cruel ideology that TERFs push. by now i’ve seen accounts of several ex-TERFs expressing how they felt about escaping the cult-like atmosphere of TERF groups (sometimes they call themselves “Gender Critical” to try to smooth it over & dupe ppl who don’t know better. they are not “GC” the only GC i recognize is Good Charlotte, that’s that.)

i realize that i’ve only focused on parents who may be anti-trans. there are other types of TERFs but i’ll pause(?) here.

these are just some scattered thoughts i had after reading her latest poast. i’ve been writing this for a few hours & would like to take a break ^___^ i hope to add sources next.

lmk if i boofed it anywhere. my brain is foggy. (-8

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